Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Get a BUNDLE of Multiplication Teaching Activities!

Multiplication Modeling 
A fantastic Multiplication bundle of activities that are excellent for students in 4th - 6th Grade.  Help your students transition into middle school math and learn the various methods to multiply. 

Over the years, I learned that it is a huge transition for students from elementary to middle school with basic math skills.  In elementary school many students are taught various strategies and methods to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Yet, when the students get to middle school they need to be strong in the algorithm method of math skills.  For this reason, it's great to utilize the various strategies and assist students to make that transition to solve math problems and the reason I've incorporated those strategies in my products.

Engage your students with multiple multiplication activities that include visuals, hands on tasks, and more!

This complete bundle of games, activities and stations is a great resource to meet common core standards and engage students!

Included are:
Colorful Engaging Graphic Organizer for interactive notebooks,
Guided graphic organizer,
Multiplication task cards,
Multiplication Model task cards,
Multiplication Card Games/Station,
Vocabulary lesson,
Activity sheets that may be used as
classwork, homework, or assessments
teaching tips & ideas

Click this Link to Get this Fantastic Multiplication Bundle

Best Wishes, Ms Moore 
Certified K-6, 6-9 math, and 6-9 science

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