Saturday, September 26, 2015


A great way to engage students in learning and reviewing square and cube roots!

Do you wish for your students to really understand square roots and how to find the square root of non-perfect squares? Then this is the 46 Page BUNDLE for your students!

★ Included ★

•  Square Root Charts in Color
• Square Root Charts in Black & White
• Black & White Square Root Charts students may complete
• 2 Cube Root Charts in Color
• Cube Root Charts in Black & White
• Cube Root Charts for students to complete in Black & White
• Handout for students on explanation of square roots.
• TWO pages of explanations & examples on how students find the square root of a non-perfect square PLUS one guided sheet students find the square root of a non-perfect square.

• Square roots worksheet
• Square roots WORD PROBLEMS
• Square Root & Cube Root MATCHING
• ‘Let’s Play 24’ Challenge
• PERFECT to set up several STATIONS or MATH CENTERS
for students to review square and cubed roots.

CCSS 8.EE.A.2 • HSN.RN.A.2
TEKS 8.2.B • Virginia 8.5

Perfect for 8th Grade & 9th Grade and as an Intro for 6th Grade/7th Grade working with Square & Cube Roots - Some activities in 6th/7th in this Bundle may be used for GATE.
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Best Wishes, M Moore
Certified K-6, 6-9 math, and 6-9 science
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