Sunday, August 9, 2015

Excellent 8th Grade Math Bundle of Engaging Activities!

NOW 200+ Pages of Excellent
8th Grade Math Activities

~ Graphic Organizers ~ Activities ~ Assessments ~ Projects ~ Cooperative Learning ~

Additional {Editable} Lesson Plans and more now included in most units!!!

Engage your students with excellent visual tasks and stations! 

If you must differentiate with your students there are numerous graphic organizers perfect for Interactive Notebooks and Tiered tasks in the Pythagorean Theorem & Real Number System challenges! Activities for Stations, starters, assessments, interactive notebooks, and tips on utilizing products several ways are included.

A Great way to start your math units this year in 8th Grade with the ULTIMATE Math Pack of Activities!!!  Perfect for Interactive Notebooks, Stations, and More.
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This product may be used for any 8th grade classroom or for reteaching/review in 9th grade math. Whether you are using common core or other standards, this bundle is a great resource for 8th grade or Pre-Algebra students. The bundle also INCLUDES several reteaching/review files.

When I've taught several 8th grade students I found that I had to go back and review or reteach a few skills such as positive & negative integers, properties of addition/multiplication, multiplication facts and more. Therefore, I've included a few products that may be set up in 'review' stations or covered in a day of 'review' and placed in interactive notebooks so your students are more able to complete the operations they need to complete in math to be successful.

Best Wishes, M Moore 

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