Saturday, August 22, 2015

A+ Fractions! Engage Your Students this Year with This Fraction Bundle!

Fractions FUN! 
Engage your students with a COMPLETE Bundle of fraction activities! This bundle of activities to teach fractions includes bringing in Art, Music, Team Building, Interactive Notebooks, and more!

Several of the lessons included in this action pack on fractions were designed for kinesthetic, hands on learners with team building skills included to foster a sense of belonging and teamwork.

This bundle I put together while at an A+ School brings in multiple tasks, art (A+) activities, and more!  Reach all your students while teaching fractions!

Bring Art, Team Building, Kinesthetic Activities, and More into your Fraction lessons with 2 Weeks full of student centered lessons/activities on Fractions that meet common core standards!! Engage your students with a COMPLETE Bundle of fraction activities!

Learn more about this bundle here..... COMPLETE Bundle of fraction activities!

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Best Wishes, M Moore

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