Monday, August 31, 2015

Getting Students Involved in Statistics, Probability, Graphing & More.


Statistics, Probability, Classroom Management, Scatter Plots, Student Engagement, & Graphing!

The first year I taught scatter plots, statistics, and probability, I kept wondering how I could engage my students fully into the lesson and assist them in getting back into the routine of school after long holiday breaks.  After much thought, I came up with my 'Time to Get Ready' Lesson for all four of my classes.  I was nervous and unsure how the students would respond to the lesson, yet, at the end of that school year, this was one of my favorite project lessons the students accomplished that year.

This lesson brings together Cooperative Learning, Team Building, Statistics, Probability, Scatter Plots, Classroom Management, and Student Engagement! Although this lesson is geared towards middle school students, it may be used for upper elementary and high school students also. It's a perfect lesson to start any time of year, especially in December and through January or even during the months surrounding Spring Break.

This lesson incorporates students collecting data over 2 months every morning prior to our unit lessons. After the 2 month time frame, we spent 3 full class days completing this lesson. When we finished collecting data, we started our unit on Statistics and Probability.

All of my students were more engaged in this lesson since it directly related to them and the data we took as a class over several months. It not only became an effective classroom strategy, but also, a great lesson for my students!

Click to learn more about this wonderful 'Time to Get Ready' Statistics & Probability Lesson.

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